iChessOne Electronic and Foldable Chessboard Fully Funded on Kickstarter in 4hrs.

March 30 16:22 2023
iChessOne Electronic and Foldable Chessboard Fully Funded on Kickstarter in 4hrs.
The world’s first electronic and foldable chessboard has taken the Kickstarter community by storm. The iChessOne project was funded within just 4 hours of launch and is now striving to achieve a number of stretch goals such as integration with the biggest online chess platform – chess.com

The iChessOne campaign is currently the hottest chess-related project on Kickstarter, capturing the attention of chess enthusiasts worldwide, including established chess media outlets and influencers. Better Chess blog noted, “Electronic chessboards have been around for decades. They come in all shapes and sizes but recently iChessOne developed the first full-sized portable chessboard with pieces that can be used to play games on the Internet. (…) This could change the landscape of how e-boards are used in practice and in tournament play.” This major innovation behind iChessOne is particularly appreciated.

Thanks to its patent-pending foldable construction, iChessOne is the first electronic chessboard that can fold like a traditional board and store pieces inside. This feature is perfect for outdoor use and tournament trips, as Grandmaster Mac portal affirmed, “As a Grandmaster and chess coach I have encountered many exciting chess products and I must admit that the IChessOne foldable chess board has impressed me. (…) Very often when I take part at chess tournaments I am often traveling and the IChessOne foldable chess board allows me to analyze and prepare my games everywhere.”

iChessOne advantages were also noticed by Kenya Chess Masala’s ranking of electronic chessboards: “iChessOne stands out as a clear winner due to a combination of factors such as build quality, craftsmanship, use of solid wood, portability, price, app integrations and functionality, ease of use, and FIDE compatibility”. 

The Kickstarter community has responded with great enthusiasm, with dozens of supporters backing the project on its very first hours, taking advantage of discounts in the range of 40-45% off retail price, which are still available on the campaign page. With its successful funding, iChessOne is now aiming to achieve six stretch goals, including live broadcast functionality, built-in other chess variants (eg. Chess960 and Crazyhouse), puzzles, and integration with popular chess.com platform.

To learn more about this innovative project and to support it, please visit the iChessOne Kickstarter page.

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