Documentary Film “Fairways to Happiness” Premieres Online

November 29 20:47 2022
Documentary Film "Fairways to Happiness" Premieres Online
It is said that setting a goal of breaking 80 on the Golf Course can have detrimental effects on one’s pursuit of happiness.
Dubai-based documentary feature film maker Doug Morrione explores the idea of happiness, in the first country to appoint a Minister of Happiness, learning from experts while his British friend tries to break 80 on the golf course.

In this new documentary feature film, Fairways to Happiness, an American expat in The United Arab Emirates — the first country in the world to have established a Ministry of Happiness — investigates individual ideas of happiness while an amateur British golfer attempts to conquer the course.

 Experts and expats from across the globe – including a priest, a monk, educators and everyday folk narrate the complex journey to contentment. At the same time, the film follows Eugene, struggling to lower his score on the golf course – a quest that often mirrors the emotional rollercoaster of life.

 “Dubai is a unique and often misunderstood place. There are people from all over the world working and living here in a city where a concerted effort has been undertaken to emphasize happiness and well-being. When I got here in 2014, I was burned out from the grind of New York City, so it was a welcome change to live in a place that’s modern, safe, and focused on the future.” – Doug Morrione (Director)

The story extends from the iconic skylines and golf courses of Dubai to Nepal, England, Ukraine, Australia, the United States, Bangladesh and other destinations to see how life in people’s home countries juxtaposes with their lives in Dubai.

Fairways to Happiness

The film also explores the growing emphasis on well-being science and positive education in schools as students, parents and educators attempt to navigate the perils of a social media landscape where children are now living two lives—online and in the real world.

Fairways to Happiness is a Route 201 Media production. The film was shot, directed and edited by Douglas Morrione. This is his second feature documentary and follows his award-winning film about cowboy artists from the American West: Everything in the Song is True.

Director Bio:

Doug Morrione

Douglas Morrione (B.A., Colby College, M.A., The Newschool) is an award-winning filmmaker based in Dubai. His work has been broadcast internationally on HBO, ESPN, NBC, PBS and others. Doug taught in the media studies graduate program at The Newschool in Manhattan, particularly courses in digital editing and documentary production. His last film, Everything in the Song is True, won multiple awards internationally and can be viewed on most streaming platforms.

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