Carl Imro Launches A New Range Of Eco-Friendly Watches For People Looking To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

November 30 00:25 2022

The new line of watches is made from recycled plastics and metals for people looking to do their bit for the environment.

Carl Imro, a pioneer in the field of sustainable watches, has launched a new range of eco-friendly watches that look not only stunning on people but also are good for the environment. The company has been investing in its research and development of these new lines of watches and is pleased to announce the launch of the Imro canton imrprimo, imr B, and imr G, as well as the luxury duffle bolsa bags.

The company’s watches are made from 100% recycled metals and plastics and come in recyclable packaging. Moreover, Carl Imro is dedicated to exceeding industry standards for quality and safety.

The new imro canton imrprimo is made from high-quality material and has rich features, including dial window material, type glass mineral K1, and a dial diameter of 41mm. It also has a folding clasp with safety with the movement made in Switzerland. Their duffle bolsa bags are perfect for making a fashion statement, helping them run their errands, and travelling to places such as gyms. The bag has been designed to offer extra space and is great for keeping multiple things. The padded shoulder strap helps people carry heavy items anywhere they want.

The firm is committed to reducing waste wherever possible through initiatives like reusing packaging materials when possible and recycling them at the end of their life cycle. Their commitment to their vision has made them an industry leader in recycled lifestyle fashion and retail watch products. The company is based in Netherlands and Belgium and has designed processes that help improve customer satisfaction. Their website and delivery processes enable fast delivery to any corner of the planet.

Speaking on the matter, a representative said, “Our team is passionate about creating stunning watches while ensuring they don’t contribute to environmental waste. Our designers are always working to study the latest trends so they can fulfill them as ethically as possible. Our philosophy is to be as industrious and innovative as possible while offering our customers something they truly want.”

The brand is part of a new breed of companies working to help save mother nature by only adopting sustainable practices.

The spokesperson added, “We wanted to create something that could be used and appreciated by everyone while at the same time contributing to positive change and awareness about sustainability issues. Our portfolio has something for everyone, including elegant designs and colors. Our watches not only look good but also help save the planet. Carl Imro is a watch brand that believes sustainable design can make a difference in people’s lives. Our engineers and designers create beautiful, ethically made, and sustainably sourced products. We want to inspire people to be more mindful of our planet and how they use it. Environment and its customers by offering a variety of eco-friendly products.”

To offer more convenience, the brand is open round the clock, and its customer service team is always willing to go the extra mile to assist people. Their deliveries are available in 133 countries, with orders shipped within 24 hours so that people can immediately get their prize possession.

The watch brand also offers free returns within 30 days, provided the seal is unbroken. If the seal has been removed, then the service will not apply.

People interested in checking out their portfolio can check out their website using the information below.

About the Company

Carl Imro/CRLi is an industry leader in recycled lifestyle fashion and retail products that started its journey In the Netherlands and Belgium. The company has been serving the market for over 2 decades by supplying luxury fashion through B2B platforms. Now they offer their watches directly to consumers as well through their website. They are renowned for their customer service team, which consists of native speakers in multiple languages. They offer fast and reliable delivery to numerous countries across the globe.

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