FanRoom Drops Industry-First NFT Events Tickets In Partnership With Abante Productions & GameStop/Gamestop NFT

November 29 23:34 2022

FanRoom partners up with Abante Productions & GameStop/Gamestop NFT

Virtual events hosting platform, FanRoom Live has announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with Abante Productions to make its event tickets available to worldwide fans via the Gamestop NFT marketplace as well as the event series which will now stream on the GameStop Marketplace.

For the first time in this industry, fans will now be able to immerse themselves in future events and meet with their favorite celebrities with NFT Blockchain tickets. 

Known for its penchant for innovation and pioneering spirit, FanRoom Live’s latest foray into the blockchain space is set to revolutionize ticketing and streaming content in not just the virtual teleconferencing sector but across the length and breadth of the media and entertainment industry.

The move facilitated by Jae Benjamin FanRoom Host and Co-Executive Producer as well as part of Abante Productions and GameStop/GameStopNFT family , will see FanRoom offering tickets to its celebrity meet ‘n’ greets via the Gamestop marketplace.

Not one to waste time, FanRoom has started offering limited edition NFT tickets (20 of them – for its next virtual meet ‘n’ greet with Scheana Shay and Brock Davies, slated for 10th December 2022.

In his usual ecstatic self, Mr. Benjamin could not hide his excitement to share the news with the media. “We are the “first in history” to bring you a live streaming virtual meet & greet event series which will now also run parallel to the live event on the GameStop marketplace. This is not all! We also are the first to bring you one-of-a-kind no two tickets are the same, COLLECTABLE NFT BLOCKCHAIN TICKETS.”

NFT tickets benefits

There are so many benefits that could come from this move, especially for the fans and eventgoers. This ticketing mode offers digital access credentials to events and easily eliminates some of the main issues with traditional ticketing systems. For one, the risk of your NFT event ticket getting damaged, lost, or stolen is almost nonexistent. And even for the artists and celebrities hosting the meetings, this could help them establish stronger relationships with their fans and transform the entire landscape for everyone involved.

Speaking on the development, Lynn Mosqueda and Danny Mason of Abante Films –a media firm that prides itself in “being the first ever filmmakers on the blockchain” –  had said that “this would bring additional benefits and utility to holders of these tickets” and that “we are beyond excited to be part of this new venture and of working with Jae Benjamin again, who also stars in our paranormal mockumentary comedy series, on the GameStop NFT Marketplace INTO THE VEIL, as well, to work with the FanRoom Live team. NFT Tickets provide not only access to the event, but a one-of-a-kind digital asset you can keep as collectable. The technology provides transparency, safety, and benefits the artists, organizers, and guests. it only scratches the surface of what NFTs can and will do for filmmakers, artists, collectors, creators, and entertainment enthusiasts.” 

Abante Productions currently has ‘Into the Veil,’ along with ‘Desert Terror’ a Sci-Fi Action short film at the height of WWII. Abante Productions is also in pre-production for a horror western film, ‘First Moon,’ also starring Jae Benjamin and others. A film where a forgotten Texas legend is reborn in the story of a hard-bitten frontier doctor who confronts a vicious tragedy and awakens a supernatural legacy.”

Along with being able to address the shortcomings of paper tickets, introducing NFT technology to the ticketing industry would help turn tickets into digital collectibles. “This is perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to the nostalgic feeling of buying tickets back in the day when you’d buy a concert, event, theater, arena, movie — whatever ticket — and frame the stub as a memory for years to come,” says Mr. Benjamin.

About FanRoom

FanRoom Live is an interactive virtual events series providing a platform for fans to meet their favorite stars and celebrities in town-hall-style meetings.The platform co-founded by media and hospitality entrepreneur Jeff Krauss along with award-winning actor, comedian, and producer Cedric The Entertainer and 123 Talent CEO, Mich Faulkner brings something special and unique to the online virtual world, making it easy for fans to connect with their favorite actors, comedians, athletes, musicians, authors, and other favorite celebrities anywhere in the world from the comfort of their living rooms.


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