Personal Injury Lawyers at Shulman & Hill Provide Uncompromising Advocacy to Clients and Obtain Fair Compensation for Injury Victims

September 29 08:34 2022
Shulman & Hill has helped thousands of clients in New York recover more than $250 million in compensation. It works to deliver the best possible results for clients dealing with physical injuries and mounting expenses.

According to announcements released by Shulman & Hill, the personal injury lawyers at this law firm represent clients injured in vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, birth injuries, boating accidents, trips, slips, and falls, nursing home abuse, and other causes of injuries due to the negligence of others.

Personal injury claims processes are rarely straightforward because recalcitrant insurance companies wish to settle the claims for as little as possible. Moreover, ascertaining blame is not easy, even when there’s evidence in favor of the victim. There are time-bound processes to be followed, proof to be gathered, witnesses to be interviewed, etc. 

New York State personal injury law considers comparative negligence, and insurance companies try their best to use this aspect to shift the blame onto the claimant. Shulman & Hill has the ability and the drive to obtain justice for clients. No-fault insurance rules followed in New York mean that an injured party’s insurer will have to cover claims, and insurers are never happy about it. Injury victims are hardly in a position to negotiate with uncooperative and coercive insurance companies. Shulman & Hill deals with the client’s insurer. 

The car accident lawyer from Shulman & Hill works with injury victims who have suffered due to the negligence of drunk, impaired, distracted, or reckless drivers. By taking care of the legal matters pertaining to compensation, the law firm allows clients to focus on recuperation and get their lives back on track. It safeguards victims’ rights to seek justice and compensation to ensure financial stability and prevent them from sinking into debt. 

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Shulman & Hill said, “There are many reasons why someone who has been injured should hire a personal injury lawyer. Most people do not realize they may be eligible for a financial settlement to help them afford their mounting medical bills. Even in cases where another party was clearly to blame, hiring a personal injury lawyer can help ensure that you are pursuing the maximum compensation available in your case. A personal injury lawyer will also ensure that all claims are filed on time and with the correct court.

Finally, hiring a personal injury lawyer can take stress and pressure off your shoulders during your recovery. Engaging with medical billing staff, insurance adjusters, and the court system is not something the ordinary person wants to face under the best circumstances, let alone when trying to heal from a serious accident. A personal injury lawyer can handle the bureaucracy, the record-keeping, the filing deadlines, and obtaining compensation for your pain and suffering so you can focus on getting better. 

Getting hurt is expensive. Catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries, are even more expensive—potentially costing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in lifetime care. When a wrongful death occurs, the financial burden does not end with funeral expenses. Your family may also miss out on the lost services that a loved one can no longer provide.”

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Shulman & Hill is one of the top personal injury law firms in New York. It offers free consultations and handles all cases on a contingency fee basis. It is sensitive to the plight of injured clients and represents them aggressively to obtain the maximum possible compensation.

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