NASILATOR is Clinically Proven to Increase Air-Intake 27 Percent more than Nasal strips

September 29 07:54 2022

Lake Mary, FL – Sep 29, 2022 – Everyone wants to sleep better and wake up refreshed, but many don’t have that luxury. The NASILATOR was designed to address reduced air flow, snoring and relieving nasal congestion that interrupts restful slumber. The new device increases air flow by 27 percent over current methods and has the distinction of being tried and tested by elite Navy SEALs.

Sleep deprivation is a public health epidemic. It can lead to a myriad of medical problems ranging from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to depression, compromised immune system, and reduced cognitive function. The NASILATOR provides individuals with an effective, affordable, and scientifically proven way to sleep with greater air intake. The device is manufactured in the U.S. under strict FDA GMP guidelines.

The science-based NASILATOR is proven to work better than other products currently on the market. CT scans demonstrated that the device is 27 percent more effective than nasal strips to reduce snoring and has a positive impact for improved sleep. It immediately expands nasal passages to increase air flow.

Small, unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, the NASILATOR is equally beneficial for the gym. During workouts, muscles require greater air intake to work efficiently. During a study conducted of athletes using the device, 73 percent reported having a better workout with the NASILATOR.

The device has attained some impressive statistics, with 81 percent of users seeing an immediate difference in sleep quality and 83 percent of users reported they could breathe easier. A full 90 percent of users snored less at night.

Created for comfort, the NASILATOR is a solution for anyone that snores or experiences reduced air flow. It has no sticky adhesive, is clinically proven to improve sleep without drugs, and holds a 4.9 rating by over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Manufactured in the U.S., the reusable NASILATOR is available in a 30-day trial pack containing all four sizes, enabling individuals to find the ideal fit for a more affordable future purchase. Each NASILATOR will last for 30 days, making it the most cost-effective solution to snoring and reduced air flow available on the market.

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