Irish Start-up Launches Cross-Industry All-in Powerful Products for Remote Collaboration of Distributed Technical Teams

January 21 00:54 2022

Nextensor’s COVID response to the massive industry need exposed by the pandemic

The most advanced new tool suite for technical teams and engineers collaboration is now ready for release. Nextensor, an Irish start-up has recently introduced a line of products built by engineers for engineers. It combines the best of new technologies in its affordable, industry-level products and services for SME, offering a standalone solution for engineers and technical teams of all sizes.

Collaboration is critical for engineers and technical teams. The pandemic has demonstrated the weakness of legacy team models, serving to underline a problem that has long existed – how to achieve powerful technical collaboration at any time, even when there’s a worldwide pandemic going on.

This is where Nextensor comes in, offering three functionally rich products beginning with Nextensor iStart, a ready-to-use, affordable, intuitive and professional all-in-one standalone product offering powerful remote collaboration for distributed Technical teams. 

These innovative solutions dramatically reduce costs, while improving opportunities for profitability. 

Furthermore, iStart is built as a tool for design, visualization, document management, and cost calculation and management. File sharing, storage, and synchronization are seamless with Google Drive, One Drive, etc. Own Nextcon system allows safe voice and video communication and tag-centric technical chat and with screen share.

iStart is ready out-of-the-box, intuitive, and simple, integrated into a single solution that is entirely controlled by the user behind the user’s firewall. 

Nextensor’s iBuild is built on the iStart package, providing two additional features, functional digital twins and simulation. Digital Twins allow the creation of fully functional virtual models with full logic covering all the functionality of any real-world system, asset, equipment… They are open and flexible, cross-industry applications that allow for the customization of existing twins or the creation of new ones. 

Simulations provide a way to virtually test-run an entire system and individual units/assets. This allows a full visual run-through of any system built with Unity.

Nextensor iTrain, the full suite, includes everything available in iStart, and iBuild and adds virtual interactive training feature. It is a new generation of training management system for creating interactive training, based on virtual digital models. Billed as iTrain, Nextensor’s full suite includes everything available in its core suite, iStart, and iBuild.

Nextensor’s product benefits for users are easy to see. The ability for distributed technical teams to collaborate remotely in real-time is a need whose time has come.

For product development, design, new projects, etc., the remote collaboration of distributed technical teams allows for ideation, design, and visualization without consideration of the geographical location of individuals. The cost of office space is reduced or eliminated, while transportation costs and the inevitable associated CO2 from the daily commute are also greatly reduced or eliminated. Costly mistakes become a thing of the past, as everything is fully vetted before being deployed in the real world.

In addition, maintenance and service teams are well-trained in advance, understanding everything about what is expected of them and what they are doing further minimizing accidents risks…

Nextensor’s system is ideal for technical and engineering education, as well as continuing education and upgrades as industry evolves. 

Nextensor iStart is launching February 2022, while iBuild and iTrain are coming early spring 2022.

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