Lead with No Fear, A Book That Inspires the World to Lead by Example and Bring About A Change

June 15 22:54 2020
As the world is facing one of the worst global pandemics of all times, Lead with No Fear is exactly what people need in order to become a source of inspiration.

KIRKLAND, WA – June 15, 2020 – The world is going through a tough time. As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps seeing new developments, it’s on the leaders to set good examples in front of others and inspire them to come together and fight this crisis. In such times, it’s important to stay inspired and keep listening to voices of home. In times of social distancing, inspiration can be hard to come by; however, Steve Gutzler and Mike Acker’s book Lead with No Fear is exactly what everybody needs when it comes toinspiration, leadership training and improving personal decision-making.

People need to make decisions everyday and sometimes, these can be crucial ones. Lead with No Fear, aims at this part of one’s life. It shows people the perfect way to influence someone through seven leader-shifts. A huge part of being a leader depends on having a solid confidence. Several studies have shown that most people suffer from authentic acceptance, which can eventually lead to failures. This book additionally teaches how to improve your confidence through setting leadership development goals.

Lead with No Fear takes readers through seven pillars that show how leadership is at the heart of fighting even the biggest dangers and fears that the world might be going through. It focuses on helping individuals improve and grow, navigate through all kinds of uncertainty, and gain new levels of influence as a leader. In this conversational and action-oriented book, Steve Gutzler and Mike Acker present seven shifts to help people discover the leaders within and steer them towards their desired destination through impact, influence, and inspiration.

In Lead with No Fear, readers will discover seven destination altering actions:

Shifting from Victim to Leader

Shifting from Unaware to Self-aware

Shifting from Black and White to High-Definition

Shifting from Insecure to Confident

Shifting from Activity to Accomplishment

Shifting from Smart to Smart AND Healthy

Shifting from Fast to Finishing

By embracing these seven aspects, readers will be able to find strength even in the most uncertain times. The authors’ message is accomplished by grounded encouragement, reflective exercises, and practical application. The book doesn’t take the direction of coercion and thereby force leaders to make drastic changes; instead, the authors guide the audience to make gradual changes over a ninety-day period.

It encourages potential leaders to take small steps towards achieving their goals instead for going of one big dramatic leap. In doing so, they won’t be discouraged by the lack of instant results, rather they will be encouraged by the momentum of daily decisions compounded for ninety-days.

The book talks about real life case studies of leaders at the height of personal and professional success such as Harvard professor Dr. Beth Frates, successful entrepreneur Wes Herman, and CEO Rob Waggener.

For more information, visit http://stepstoadvance.com/ and http://stevegutzler.com/

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