Vast Triumph Launches Next Generation Social Trading System in Vietnam

June 15 22:51 2020

Hanoi, Vietnam – On 7th June 2020, AI-powered forex platform Vast Triumph held its grand opening at the Gold Coast Hotel Resort & Spa in Quảng Bình, Vietnam. Over a hundred of Vast Triumph traders gathered to celebrate the highly anticipated Vietnam Grand Opening event as they were treated with plenty of industry outlook and insights. This marks the company’s first foray into the Southeast Asia region.


With its industry-disruptive capital protection feature, Vast Triumph has won over many users and gained traction rapidly in numerous Asia countries just over a span of few months. It became a huge hit in Vietnam and drove the company’s decision to establish its first SEA stronghold there.

“All kinds of trading fail because of emotional attachments. When you choose Vast Triumph, we can take that limiting factor out for you,” Alex Campbell, CEO of Vast Triumph explains the reason behind the success of Vast Triumph. “We offer our users a unique blend of highly competent trading teams, backed by our very own advanced Artificial Intelligence harmonics of Mirror Trading Plus and built-in Vast Triumph Analysis Indicator (VTAI).”

“Vietnam has developed an extraordinary IT ecosystem and experienced tremendous growth in the internet economy, making it one of the top in Southeast Asia region. With increased internet access and an emerging middle class, the interest in fintech is very high and that contributed to our growth in this region,” he added.


Vast Triumph’s confidence in their unique trading model has seen them offering capital protection for their users, which is unheard of in the trading industry. It seems to be a bold move but looking at how Vast Triumph is making waves all over the world, it is paying dividends already.

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