Estate Planning Attorney Columbia, MD For Smooth Transfers Of Assets Carried Out To Meet Client’s Precise Instructions

June 15 22:42 2020
Estate Planning Attorney Columbia, MD For Smooth Transfers Of Assets Carried Out To Meet Client’s Precise Instructions
Gary Greenwald PC offers legal advice related to estate planning, trust settlement and probate, and business law to clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Attorney Gary Greenwald is an estate planning attorney with more than four decades of experience.

According to announcements released by Gary Greenwald PC and Gary Greenwald, the law firm has helped clients design and implement estate plans. Clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia looking for a trusted estate planning attorney can book an appointment with the law firm. The firm’s clients include limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, families, etc. An estate plan enables the administration and distribution of assets upon a client’s demise or disablement. It ensures that vital decisions about a client’s health are executed as per specifications. 

Proper estate planning yields peace of mind that assets will be taken care of, a business set up and nurtured through hard work will continue to flourish, and that rightful heirs will not be deprived of their share. A well-thought-out estate helps save tax, legal costs, and many other expenses that crop up if there’s a lack of clarity in an estate’s design.

Sources also said that Gary Greenwald PC designs estate plans that are detailed in their scope, and include a Will or Living Trust, a Power of Attorney, a Health Care Agent Appointment, a HIPAA release, and a Living Will. A will comes into effect after a person’s death. It determines the distribution of assets. It informs on the choice of a guardian for minors or disabled children. In the absence of a will, assets are distributed as per state laws, and undeserving people may end up with a share. 

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Gary Greenwald of Gary Greenwald PC said, “Our estate planning philosophy emphasizes collaboration with our clients’ professional advisors and CPA’s during the design phase of an estate plan. After an estate plan is delivered, we emphasize a proactive, ongoing attorney client-relationship that includes continuing education and a structured, update, and review process to ensure that all of your documents are reviewed and revised as the laws change, and your goals and design choices evolve. To that end, we are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to enroll in our Client Care Program, a living trust maintenance plan that features educational workshops, annual trust reviews, and document updating as and when the law and your circumstances change.”

On the advisability of avoiding probate, Greenwald said, “Probate is very expensive. Nationwide, settlement costs for probate average about 4%-5% of the value of assets being probated. In addition, the Register of Wills, which oversees probate assesses probate fees, can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon the value of the probate assets. Probate filings are matters of public records, which means that upon your death, your personal affairs, your will, the assets that are subject to the probate process, and the assets your beneficiaries inherit will become matters of public record. Also, most states require probate to remain open for some minimal time. In Maryland, that minimum period is six months.”

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