Another Exciting New Single, “No One Around You” by SNSG

June 15 20:12 2020

SNSG never disappoints, and his new single, “No One Around You” is a real gem. He has continued to stamp his position as a talented rapper with this new single. It is a song that shows a lot of creativity, with well put together lyrics. You will be jamming to this new single every day if you listen to it. He has featured Jesus Honcho, another talented and upcoming musician.

SNSG is surely growing his YouTube viewership, as more people begin to appreciate and embrace his talent. The future is definitely bright for this dedicated musician. He has also been consistent, regularly releasing songs in the recent past. This only goes to show that his star will shine very brightly in the coming days.

His social media following is growing too as people begin to associate with his talent. He is surely not backing down, and the sky is the limit for this go-getter. He remains motivated to provide high-quality songs to his growing fanbase all over the world.


This rapper is surely earning some well-deserved respect as an authentic artist. This is because he is walking on a path of his own with unique content and approach. With his unique interest in the gaming world, he is using such knowledge to impact the music industry positively. He will surely go far with his self-competing mindset, which allows him to set high targets for himself beyond any barriers.

Having grown up in California, specifically at Royal Oaks, Alex Mendoza started his interest in video gaming. He would play Call of Duty and Fortnite while growing up, which deeply developed his passion in the gaming world. He later went on to create his SNSG company, which has since grown to venture into content creation.

Alex Mendoza knows that we do not exist in a vacuum, and as such, he has people whom he draws inspiration from. He is inspired to provide high-class content by rap groups such as Team Eastside and Dough Boyz Cash Out, as well as by the renowned YouTuber Mr. Beast. They encourage him to produce great content for his followers.

It is impressive how he has been able to create incredible opportunities for himself, as a result of combining his passion for music and gaming enthusiasm. This combination of skills will definitely leave an indelible mark in the music industry. There is so much more one can look forward to regarding SNSG. He truly means business.


SNSG understands the importance of great collaborations in the music industry, and he gets amazing musicians to collabo with. His main strength is the ability to create catchy lyrics that sink deep with his fans. You can bet that when you get the first dose of his music, there is no going back.

Alex Mendoza has created a world of his on in the music sphere, and he surely has no plans to stop. He is an incredible artist, and the sky is the limit for him.

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