New Single “All in the Streets” with Great Vibes from the Talented SNSG

June 15 20:06 2020

The new single released by SNSG is nothing but pure class rap music, “All in the Streets” is a very well made song. The artist does not fail to deliver and has proved to be extremely talented when one listens to his songs. He continues to garner more fans and following after every new song release, and soon he will be unstoppable. You got to listen to this new jam and get immersed in his creative rhymes.

What you get with rapper SNSG is just pure authenticity, especially because he has chosen an exciting path of his own. He is focused on making a difference in the musical industry. His focus on world gaming is rather unconventional but will surely see the music scene changed for the better.

His real name is Alex Mendoza, and he had a shot at his career in Royal Oaks, California, where he grew up. He used to play Call of Duty and Fortnite, among other video games just for fun. It is this passion in the gaming world that saw him eventually create the SNSG company, LLC, which was meant to be a gaming company. He then ventured into content creation and is now into music.


His viewership on YouTube is a testament that his following is gaining momentum, and people appreciate his talent. It is incredible how he combines his gaming skills to those of music and comes up with incredible content. He has undoubtedly created fantastic opportunities for himself, and the journey is just getting started.

Alex Mendoza takes a lot of inspiration from other renowned YouTube content creators such as Team Eastside and Dough Boyz Cash Out rap groups. Mr. Beast is another YouTuber that greatly inspires the work of SNSG. You can only expect better- and better-quality music from him going forward.

He is focused on growing his social media following, so that as many people get to interact with this work. It is, however, evident that when you get a glimpse of his work, you automatically become a fan. His rap songs are creatively done, with proper lyrics that are not only encouraging but are also fun to listen to.

His new song is especially very well made and deserves to go viral, especially with such well thought outlines. He also ensures to collaborate with other talented rappers, which only adds more value to his songs. This song has featured the talented Steve Jordan and 049 Gus, both incredible rappers. These collaborations will undoubtedly continue to add class to his work.


His songs will leave you wondering why you had not listened to him sooner, because they are pure class. He is definitely an artist that will give many a run for their money, with his always innovative ways of making music. The musical journey of SNSG is just getting started, but we can expect fireworks in the end.

One can take a listen to “All in the Streets” on SNSG’s YouTube channel, and it is undoubtedly worth every minute.

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