From the Streets to Stardom; Seth Brayden Udell Shares His Story

March 30 18:34 2023
From the Streets to Stardom; Seth Brayden Udell Shares His Story

Seth Brayden Udell (I Am Seth) – Artist Photo
I Am Seth, born Seth Brayden Udell, is a talented singer, songwriter, and rapper who made his professional music debut in 2020. He has released over 87 songs, each one inspired by real-life events. Despite growing up in a dysfunctional family in a dangerous neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, I Am Seth pursued his love for music and honed his skills at age 15. He is also a part of the rap group “NoSchThing,” and is considered as one of the fast-rising hip-hop artists with a growing fan base.

Seth Brayden Udell, widely known by his stage name, I Am Seth, is an exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, and rapper. I Am Seth made his professional music debut in 2020 and has served the industry with over 87 releases. The passionate and enthusiastic rapper is notable for his authentic approach to the rap game.

I Am Seth has successfully crafted a unique sound, with a special niche, with his life experiences inspired music. “Each song is a real-life event, and none of it is fake every bar is happening,” he says. Incredibly, I Am Seth has mastered the art of musical diversity, pushing his limits to serve his audience nothing less than musical gems. This makes him one of the fast-rising hip-hop artists with a growing solid fan base.

Unknown to many, I Am Seth was born and raised in a humble musical family. His dad Bryan “Shredder” Udell, was a well-known local Guitarist, best known for being a founding member of the early 2000’s heavy metal band “Tempest Reign.” Unfortunately, the failed attempt to succeed in an ever-changing music industry led Bryan into the life of drugs and cover bands.

Growing up in such a dysfunctional family in the back of a long dirt road in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Jacksonville, Florida, meant early exposure to crime and substance abuse. Fortunately, I Am Seth was quick to notice his love and passion for music at a young age and chose to pursue a musical career.

At 13, I Am Seth had already mastered the art of songwriting and was already rapping and performing for his peers. Two years later, the young, ambitious rapper would later flee away from home to pursue a career in music and to escape the poverty situation around his family. This also presented him with the opportunity to learn and hone his skills. I Am Seth also met like-minded individuals, including Jacksonville Beach Rapper “Tyler Gaitan” with whom they collectively formed the rap group “NoSchThing,” stylized as “NST.”

Today, I Am Seth stands out as one of the rap names to watch out for in the coming years. He is also working on numerous musical projects, possibly including collaborations with other rap talents.

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