Deckview Holdings LLC: reasons to invest into German market

January 21 02:40 2022
Deckview Holdings LLC: reasons to invest into German market

Deckview Holdings LLC experts suggest inspecting the German real estate market as it provides a solid way not only to secure but also to increase your capital.

In time of crisis more people prefer to secure their funds and increase them with the help of investments. The best way to achieve such goal is by investing into real estate. Subsequently, it is quite possible to simply rent it out or move to a permanent place of residence. Though the question is – where should one look for such options? Deckview Holdings LLC experts recommend EU countries and, in particular, Germany. This country standouts are stable economy and fairly good standards of living. There are no issues in relation to buying or renting that aren’t unresolvable.

Many get attracted by prices that are significantly lower than in other cities in Europe. This has nothing to do with the quality of apartments. The thing is that the real estate market is just beginning to gain momentum. There is another advantage associated with it: a good investment opportunity. Prices for rental housing are quite high, and there is always a demand. According to the latest data, about 80% of residents in large cities rent apartments. There are no prerequisites indicating any changes in this trend or drop of prices. Thus experts unambiguously agree that right now this is perhaps one of the best opportunities. In this case, you will have to pay a relatively small tax for the purchase of a building ranging from 3.5% to 6.5%.

Finally, it’s worth noting that property owners are eligible for additional benefits. First of all, the Schengen Visa which is usually very hard to obtain. The process is simplified and the deadline is extended by about 30 days. That is, under normal conditions foreigners can enter the Schengen area for 90 days and if they own a local property the term is doubled – 180 days. The chances of getting a residence permit are also greatly increased. It becomes possible to take a mortgage at a fairly low-interest rate.

Feel free to leave your requests and questions using the contact form on our home page. Our sales representatives will gladly find the best investment option on the EU markets. Deckview Holdings will ensure your capital works for you.

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