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January 21 00:52 2022

Jan 20, 2022 – The passion a person has for Celebrity is the most bewildering emotion that can be visualized in the world. Especially, a country like India, which is so diverse and joyful when it comes to their favorite movie stars, sports stars and musicians. The fans truly care for them and their well-being. The Indian society has profound interest and consideration towards their stars and they are always keen on finding other fans with similar interests. However, there are no proper mediums where the fans can group and share their interests in personalities together. To sort the gap, comes Fandrum, India’s first Fan-centric Platform that creates experiences and exhilaration which cannot be bought with money. This is a platform, the fans can connect with Stars and vice versa and the loyal fans are rewarded accordingly.

Please download the app here, to download the Free App now.  The Purpose of this App Platform is to help the fans to have a specialized experience in guiding them to find and discuss relevant content about their Movie Stars, Shows, Movies and Characters. Primarily, it will be a place where the fans meet together, communicate and celebrate the Stars.Also, Fandrum allows the users to create their own fan clubs with their own set of rules and goals. Its like a gathered community with affable people who are ready to help, develop and enjoy. A New user can join at any time and enjoy.They can talk, discuss, share their interests, knowledge and experiences concerning their celebrated stars. This initiation revolutionizes the relationship between the star and the fan. All of us grew up in a circumstance, we look above and up on the stars, who were unreachable, notanymore! They are accessible and reachable with the help of Fandrum. 

Content creators are everywhere, especially fans, who are extremely creative cannot broadcast their talent in a broader perspective, benefits greatly from this medium, also the reach of them getting noticed is more. In here, the creativity can be channelized,fans can create own channels, post contents, connect with their favorite stars and also with the other stars and their fans. The idea is to make it interactive, engaging and rewarding experience for the fans as well as the stars who can clearly get the crowd view and responses immediately which can nurture their improvements. All in all, its win-win situation for everybody. There are competitions and giveaways, also, fans can support their stars financially, in return, they get exclusive access and rewards from the favorite stars. To get immediate updates, follow them on Facebook, Twitter to become an appreciated super fan. 

Fandrum is India’s first mobile application to celebrate the Fans! Here, the fans get reward points on likes, shares and comments they post. It amplifies the reach and the Fandrum Network. Furthermore, it also increases the visibility and influences the decision-making. The Fans can win a chance to visit the sets of their favorite show or to win a costume their lovable celebrity wore. These are rewards that can be relished lifelong.  To build a community, discover content (especially genre preferences), Engagement and to make the Fandom the experience of a lifetime, join Fandrum to exhilarate, excite and experience the surreal experience of the entertainment world.

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