Butcher Law Office, LLC Helps Clients Get a Fresh Financial Start With a 5-Star Bankruptcy Service in Eugene, OR

November 24 14:36 2020
Butcher Law Office, LLC Helps Clients Get a Fresh Financial Start With a 5-Star Bankruptcy Service in Eugene, OR
Financial troubles can sometimes be overwhelming. Dealing with debt, harassment, and collection efforts from creditors or collection agencies can get stressful. To get a chance to start afresh, Butcher Law Office, LLC is offering members of Eugene, OR a 5-star legal service that will help them to better navigate their debt and come out on top.

Eugene, OR – Butcher Law Office, LLC has over a decade’s worth of experience representing clients in bankruptcy and other related matters, Butcher Law Office, LLC has a track record of success in getting the best results for clients. The attorney at the law office takes pride in offering personalized legal solutions to each client that comes into the office.

Treating each new client as an individual and not just a case, the attorney works closely to understand the financial situation of the client and advises them on the best steps to take to ease their financial and debt burden. With Butcher Law Office, LLC, a bankruptcy filing is not always the answer. The attorney is passionate about helping each client to find the best solution to addressing the debt problem they are faced with.

Members of the Eugene, OR community who wish to eliminate credit card and medical debts, stop harassing phone calls, as well as stop garnishments and foreclosures can reach out to the bankruptcy lawyer in Eugene, OR to get started on solving their debt problem.

The bankruptcy attorney handles consumer bankruptcies that are filed by individual parties and married couples who are looking to free themselves from serious debt problems. With help from Butcher Law Office, LLC, many individuals and families have been able to get a clean slate for a fresh financial start as they begin to rebuild a desirable future.

Regarding its practice and legal focus, Tom Butcher, the attorney at Butcher Law Office, LLC said, “Anyone can face major financial turmoil. All it takes is an unforeseen illness, a serious injury, or the loss of a major revenue stream and you can find yourself owing more money than you’re earning. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy provide individuals and families a way to stop creditors from seizing their income and the ability to take control of their financial situation.”

Butcher Law Office, LLC remains committed to helping individuals and families to get a second chance at putting together a life that is desirable for them.

Visit Butcher Law Office, LLC at 116 State Hwy 99 N #101, Eugene, OR 97402, US, or call 541-762-1967 to schedule a meeting. For additional information regarding their services, send an email to [email protected] or visit the law firm’s website.

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