New York Gal Magazine Decides to Raise Issue of Mental Health Awareness

May 26 15:42 2020
As May Is Mental Health Awareness Month, Awareness Can Play a Key Role

New York Gal Magazine features another article on a critical yet overlooked issue of mental health, and this time the writer is Francisco born Gaby Messino, a proponent for women’s rights.  She shifted to New York along with her passion for writing, and she helps people by highlighting serious issues around them.

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, this article contributes to multiply awareness of the seriousness and delicacy of the issue. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, 18.9% of adults experience some kind of mental illness. So roughly it becomes one-fifth of the population who will experience mental illness in their lifetime. The point of concern is that maybe you are one of them or consciously or subconsciously you may be a cause of it. Either way, it is beneficial for the masses to have education about this dark ailment.


As for as its symptoms are concerned, most of the time they are cryptic. In many cases, patients or the people around the patient did not know about this being a mental health issue. It happens because it’s on the inside. Though there can be visual signs of mental illness such as self-harm, the most mental illness goes undetected by the naked eye, making it certain that just like other diseases, it also has levels. And everyone’s feelings are valid whether they are suicidal or they feel a little bit down every day.

Who is at fault!

As established by studies, it is not the patient’s fault that she/he is bipolar, or bulimic, or depressed. There are tons of social, economic, domestic, or genetic problems leading to mental illness, and the most crucial part is to remember that you did not cause them. Because of the lack of awareness, it is understandably difficult for the mentally stable people to misunderstand why those with illnesses drink too much or do self-harm. Those are coping mechanisms that become established patterns of their life and they see refuge in them. But again, they did not choose to feel the way they do.

Know thy self

You have a role to play. You can be a help for those who are suffering. It is not necessary to have someone with mental illness in your circle and to extend physical help, but you can be a source of light to emit awareness and motivation. On the other hand, be aware if you are a supporter of someone with the illness, remember to be conscious of what you say and do. It’s easy to overlook that your friends and family aren’t doing well on the inside.

Be there, be supportive. Kindness comes in infinite forms. In one way or the other, we all want to be taken care of and loved. And it can be difficult for those in the throes of mental illness to feel they are getting the attention and love they need. So this Mental Health Awareness Month, go check in on your friends and loved ones. Make sure they know you are there.


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