Prolific novelist John Henry Hardy writes from experience and the heart

May 17 22:44 2019

John Henry Hardy comes by his knowledge of military and political affairs honestly, having been both an enlisted man and an officer in a 33-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Drawing upon that background, Hardy has written several novels with a military theme underlying them, including “Whisper in My Ear,” a sweeping story that deals with three young American soldiers who serve in the Vietnam War, and the vitriol they face when they return home.

But it’s also a love story about two couples serving in a war that’s both confusing and confused, trying to follow their orders as best they can; simultaneously, the three volumes of “Whisper in My Ear” showcase the important role women play in wartime.

“When Brothers Meet” is a look into the near future, one in which the United States has been weakened by crushing debt and a campaign to award citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, leading to an invasion by foreign powers. The protagonist is a U.S. Army Ranger, who leads the patriots in battle. Washington insiders and political operatives play a major role in the plot as well.

He took an unusual turn in writing “The Day God Played Baseball,” a sort of memoir that tells the story of his two daughters’ efforts to play baseball in an otherwise all-boys’ league. Because the fashion at the time was for many boys to wear their hair long, the coach didn’t realize they were girls at first. He allowed them to play, and found they were as good – or better – than the boys.

Hardy’s also delved into science fiction in “The Legend of the Phantom Effect,” and explored the politics of the western U.S. in “The Place Where the Giant Fell.”

No matter the genre, though, Hardy handles it with the ease of a writer who clearly knows the territory and is comfortable with it.

In his spare time, Hardy is a runner and a coin collector. He retired from the USMC in 1999 and now lives in Mesa, Arizona.

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