PAQ Case Provides Quality Packaging for Retailers

May 17 00:26 2019
One of the most popular packages from PAQ is the case that was designed to hold pre-rolls that are standard size (84mm, 0.5g to 1g) to king size pre-rolls (110mm, 0.7g to 1.5g).

Due to the overwhelming growth of the cannabis industry, business owners are searching for innovative packaging for cannabis and hemp products. PAQ has made a significant mark in the niche and provides joint and blunt cases that are practical and beautiful. The company also specializes in pre-roll packages. PAQ was created with the mission to be a leader in the cannabis accessories and pre-roll packaging market. The company prides itself on offering some of the best products in the business along with stellar customer service, which has served as an effective marketing tool.

One of the most popular packages from PAQ is the case that was designed to hold pre-rolls that are standard size (84mm, 0.5g to 1g) to king size pre-rolls (110mm, 0.7g to 1.5g). PAQ cases are also appealing because they can be customized according to customer specifications and decorated in several ways. Consumers can choose from custom plastic hues including MOQ, direct labeling and printing and an embossed logo that completely customizes the case.

JPAQ, one of the popular products from PAQ, also offers a feature called the “Roach Coach.” This feature is an additional compartment designed for storing partially smoked pre-rolls to ensure they are separated from fresh pre-rolls. Currently, most pre-roll packaging is actually a package or a container that consumers use to carry their pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes from one location to another. PAQ believes that cannabis product packaging should keep customers in mind and provide containers that enhance the overall consumer experience. PAQ works to engineer and develop products and solution that make smoking a more enjoyable experience for consumers who prefer hand-rolled cannabis.

PAQ also offers packaging that are durable for shipping purposes and child-proof. These features are major concerns for many users who have children in the home and want to ensure that their cannabis products are inaccessible to babies and children. Packing for PAQ is also water-resistant, which prevents water damage from ruining the pre-rolls. The packaging is sealed with gaskets and features designs that are especially creative and imaginative.

Due to PAQ’s favorable reputation in the business community, the company has partnered with several other organizations in the cannabis industry to deliver quality goods and services to consumers. Shift and Blaqstar Farms are in business with PAQ, along with well-known cannabis companies like Pinnacle Hemp, Drift and the Colorado Harvest Company. Each of these companies has a notable client base in their own right and it has agreed to partner with PAQ with the confidence of knowing that customers can purchase various strains of cannabis along with customized cases for an enhanced smoking experience.

Customers who are interested in learning more about PAQ products can visit the company website to learn more about package options and even request a sample product. There are several high-quality pictures on the site as well to make product use easier to understand.

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