Locked in a trillion-dollar market, CoinPOS is leading the new trend of blockchain securities

May 10 15:22 2019

A security broker firm is a financial institution engaged in securities trading services. It is one of the basic components of the securities market. The main business activity is the communication between investors and issuers of securities. They provide transaction services between those two. Their job is to promote the efficient issuance, circulation of securities and maintaining the operation of the securities market.

Let’s take the stock market as an example. As a kind of security, stock is a familiar financial product, which has a history of nearly 400 years. Early investors gain control of a company by holding shares of stock and receive dividends and dividends. With the opening of the capital market, the form of stock investment returns is gradually mature. In addition to the “income gains” from dividends and dividends, “capital gains” can also be obtained by buying low and selling high during changes in stock prices.

In the old days, investors who want to invest in stocks have to go to certain business department to open stock account and capital account. The buying and selling orders also have to be operated by business department personnel. The whole investment process is not only extremely complicated, but also has a high risk of asset security. As customers become more and more mature as investors, they need more professional and high-quality services when the operational experience of investment products and the demand for investment services are increasing day by day.

Security broker companies become a communication bridge between investors and enterprises. They are able to simplify account opening process and optimize trading operation by means of entrustment guarantee. From the early telephone commission to the later Internet and mobile Internet brokerage platforms, they have promoted the progress and development of the financial industry and also created huge market value for themselves. JP Morgan Chase, for example, is one of the world’s largest brokerage firms, with $2.5 trillion in assets, more than 5,000 publicly traded companies covered by equity research and more than $1.5 trillion under management.

The blockchain brought by Bitcoin has swept the world in recent years, with the total market value of global cryptocurrencies reaching $810 billion at one time. The hot market is sought after leading companies from many industries. However, we cannot deny that blockchain is still a new and brutal growing financial market. There are more than 16,000 exchanges in the world, according to CoinMarketCap. But their professional ability is uneven, the difference between service levels is huge. It’s hard for investors to jump into cryptocurrency investments as quickly as it was for stock market investors from old days.

High user participation threshold, non-standard operation rules and poor user experience greatly hindered the development of crypto industry. Referring to the composition and structure of the traditional stock exchange market, we find that the blockchain industry needs professional “brokers” to promote the regulation and development of the industry.

CoinPOS (CPOS) is committed to building a global offline payment network platform with blockchain technology, creating the world’s first professional intelligent terminal “broker” in the blockchain industry, and providing users with an overall solution from online to offline.

Like a large over-the-counter (OTC) network, CoinPOS is built on top of the CoinPOS protocol and is a point-to-point (P2P) financial marketplace that provides a direct bridge between cash and tokens.

For cryptocurrency issuers, they can raise the profile of their projects by displaying their tokens on CoinPOS platform, and this will allow users worldwide to buy their tokens with different legal fiat cash. The applicable scenarios of applying to brokerage services to blockchain must have the characteristics of multi-party collaboration, data credit investigation, data sharing and decentralization. All in a word, it increases efficiency with low cost, safe and credible.

CPOS PASS card is more convenient. We have global nodes partnerships where investors only need to buy or carry a CPOS PASS card, Letting the shopkeeper add up the corresponding cryptocurrency amount to complete the purchase process. As simple as using a commute card, it simplifies the complicated operation of account opening and real-name authentication. So that users can participate in the application of digital assets more easily, and it also meets the participation needs of users with difficulties in real-name authentication.

The goal of CoinPOS is to make every store connected to the blockchain system directly in the future, so that every cryptocurrency investor can enjoy the brokerage consulting services or provide them to others. CoinPOS aims to become a professional blockchain broker as great as JP Morgan Chase, sparing no effort to promote the progress and development of the blockchain industry.

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