For Driving the On-chain of Core Assets, Hunt down foxes Creates Blockchain Game Ecosphere

May 10 15:11 2019

Recently, Hunt down foxes announced that its layout in the game industry has achieved initial results, realizing the creation of the world’s first game platform combining of public chain and private chain. It is reported that Hunt down foxes platform will be officially launched in mid-April, and a global launch ceremony will be held in Hong Kong in May. It is expected that in late June, all major exchanges around the world will be able to realize the on-chain trading. In the future, the platform will form the on-chain ecosystems of game service pattern, such as game entertainment, prop store, online community and financial revenue.

According to Newzoo, the global game market value is about 134.9 billion US dollars, and grew by 10.9% annually in 2018. Among it, mobile games account for the highest 47%, and its market value is 63.2 billion US dollars; PC accounts for 25%, and its market value is 33.4 billion US dollars; host accounts for 28%, and its market value is 38.3 billion US dollars. By 2021, the global game market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3%, reaching $18.1 billion by 2021, and the Asia-Pacific region will continue to be the fastest growing region.

There are 2.2 billion gamers worldwide, 51% of which have the habit/experience of paying. Moreover, the game itself has props, points and various recharges, etc. economic systems in the game. Game users have a certain understanding of the virtual value. These conditions make the low-threshold and low-cost of market education for users to convert into blockchain game ones.

Hunt down foxes actively seizes the opportunities of the times, taking the blockchain game platform as the breakthrough point, carrying on the ecological construction. The mode of Hunt down foxes is committed to the transformation of the game’s economic system, resolves the problems that the traditional game can not solve at present, drives the core assets of the game’s economic system and incentive system to be on-chain. When the core assets of the traditional game are on-chain, the game players will enter the chain and token circles. “Players are actually participators in the game industry. They are not only gamers, but also investors or shareholders, as well gain profits by playing games. When this moneymaking effect forms, more players and developers will participate in it, forming a virtuous circle together.

Hunt down foxes headquarters in Manhattan Central Business District, New York, USA, and it has established offices in Hong Kong, Macao, Tokyo, Southeast Asia and other countries. It is the first game platform in the world to adopt the mode of combining public chain and private chain, creating a new ecology of game chain. Hunt down foxes public chain FOX circulates in major exchanges and its private chain FOXT is used in platform games. FOX and FOXS can be converted in real time. Global users can be rewarded by playing and sharing games. Global game developers can also use Hunt down foxes as a marketing platform to deeply bind customers.

The operation logic of Hunt down foxes platform is based on the “Nash equilibrium” win-win concept, so that both of the project and investors can reach a consensus to achieve common profits. The projects can be operated successfully, and the investments will be rewarded with profits. At the same time, players can create a unique account and asset wallet in Hunt down foxes game platform. Token, props, digital assets obtained in different games can be brought to the player’s wallet, which truly realizes a universal account, and the player has unique and permanent control of the account. Hunt down foxes game ecological community is mainly composed of developers, operators, channel providers and players. Through platform token FOX, all participants in the industry chain are brought into the community, thus forming a closed-loop community of interests.

In the future, Hunt down foxes platform will launch hundreds of games in succession, relying on its background of powerful game companies, the high technology advantages with non-tampering and high cost of cheating of public chain and private chain. All FOX will not be ICO, but will be mined out, and the platform will continue to buy back FOX and destroy it permanently. So, the scarcity will lead to a sharp rise in FOX’s value and price. Meanwhile, it will list on major exchanges around the world to achieve the goal of value generation and value-driven appreciation. With the help of blockchain technology and thinking, Hunt down foxes will firmly support upstream and downstream ecology, break through the whole scene of blockchain ecology, and create a new game world with more value for global users.

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