Country-Wide Cost of Living Reports at Safe Disposal

May 03 22:55 2019

May 3, 2019 – Cost of Living Reports is a site that publishes reports on the cost of living for different countries across the world. With extensive and good quality experience in accumulating data on the cost of living across the different regions or countries of the world, the site helps you in bridging the gap between finance personnel and HR and the restricted data points they need easy access to for accurately formulating their yearly C&B allowances and adjustments.

At, you can remain assured of availing country-wide cost of living reports of all the countries across the world along with sector-wise reports. You also get reports on 8+ years of remuneration, education and accommodation costs. There are even section reports available covering regions like UAE, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, GCC and KSA. Along with these categories, there are options available for understanding the reports of areas like salary and job market benchmarking; education; commercial and accommodation property; health insurance and healthcare; household utilities and goods; business travel and business license; hospitality and lifestyle and other popular reports.

Cost of Living Reports is a portal that takes up the responsibility of operating the rental subsidy plan and the post-adjustment system. Other services available from this site include collecting data in regards to expenditure patterns of employees; carrying out monthly cost of living surveys; rates for a container of services and goods and proper information on accommodation or residential costs. The site is also into calculating post adjustment patterns expressing cost of living relativities between per duty station and updating post adjust indexes on a periodic basis.

Sources close to the working team at say, “We are into reporting updated information on cost of living across the world. We do this by using data from more than 140 cities throughout the world. We have the potential of helping you make the right decisions on recruitment of international personnel, overseas job opportunities and relocation. Our reports are especially available to students, members and all entitled users. We offer a very basic package with some key indicators including salary levels, property rates and living costs. With us, you also get the option of requesting bespoke cost of living analyses by using different criteria included in our database.”

Information available on the site comes from statistical database. Data on each and every locality is collected from authorized standardizes and sources for international comparability. It is also important to note that there are some items that come with several subjective factors that need to be considered. One such subjective factor is personal preference while the other one is variety of choice. Thus, the price data provided for some items needs to be considered in the form of an indication of the general price levels in such categories. However, it is also worth noting that all data are completely based on original prices that have been noted by the researchers working at

Bespoke reports service available at the portal will help you in comparing the data or survey reports of more than two cities.

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