My Carpets Launches New Unbiased, Review-Based Website

May 02 23:30 2019
My Carpets Launches New Unbiased, Review-Based Website

May 2, 2019 – My Carpets launches its new unbiased, review-based website,, to help consumers make authentic and educated choices when selecting new rugs or carpets for their homes. My Carpets hopes that by creating this all encompassing carpet review site, they will help bring honesty to the claims made by carpet giants and create a new standard of quality for the industry.

Despite the name, My Carpets doesn’t just cover carpets. Users can find a wealth of information on rugs, carpet cleaning supplies, brand reputations, and more. The reviews are provided by a team of qualified individuals who analyze all aspects of a carpet, rug, brand, or cleaning products, and create an all-encompassing review of the product. This ensures that all reviews are authentic and protects both brands and buyers from biased reviews that could lead to poor decisions.

“Carpet knowledge isn’t something many people have. Most consumers only purchase carpet once or twice in their lifetime and are at the mercy of whatever a particular store or sales person tells them about the carpet. Unfortunately, salesmen aren’t always honest and that lack of knowledge could become a several thousand dollar mistake.” explains Sam Mecham, Editor in Chief of My Carpets. “We want to make empowered carpet buyers.”

Currently, when most individuals want to buy carpet, they go to their closest department store and are limited to the brands provided there. They are given big claim about the brands the store carries durability and warranties, and little knowledge of competitors or reliability of the brand. Buyers are usually pressured to make an immediate purchase, and often give in as to not miss out on what they are told is an amazing deal before being able to fact check the claims themselves.

My carpets feels that this model is backwards. They want buyers to be able to research all their carpeting options ahead of time, so that by the time they get to a store they know what they want and if they’re getting a fair price for their selection. This creates an empowered buyer who can feel confident in their investment.

Some questions that My carpets reviews can help consumers learn the truth about are: “Does the carpet really wear well?” “How long does the stain proofing last?” “How well will the company honor its warranty?” “What is a good price range for this carpet?” “Is the carpet easy to clean?” “Will the carpet hold up to high-traffic?” “How long before I’ll have to change the carpet?” and much more to help you understand if a carpet’s claims are actually true.

My Carpets is a site that is a long time overdue, and will revolutionize the carpet buying process for years to come.

About My Carpets was created by Mike Templeman to revolutionize the carpet buying process. He hopes to create a shift in power from the giants in the carpet industry back to the consumers. My Carpets is the latest of several life-changing sites from Templeman.

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