Kasbah BBQ Grill Restaurant Expands Menu with New Offerings for Appetizers and Sushi Platters

May 02 23:06 2019
Kasbah Kosher Restaurant and BBQ and Grill is an established dining location in the heart of New York, and its delectable menu and specialty dishes continue to attract the most selective foodies around. And now, with its newly expanded menu offering more appetizers and sushi platters, Kasbah BBQ & Grill continues to delight diners, not only from New York but other areas – and even countries – as well.

UNITED STATES – Kasbah BBQ and Grill has a long-established reputation among some of New York’s most conscientious diners, what with its exciting and delightful menu as well as its affordable prices which give customers great value for their money. One of the best aspects about the restaurant is that it is not only for meat eaters – it is also an excellent place for those who prefer fish and vegetables since it offers a diverse selection of sushi rolls and vegetarian rolls too. And although there are now over 300 Kosher restaurants in New York alone, this resto continues to stand out and remains a top favorite with diners in the area and beyond. 

Today, it has just announced an even more expanded menu with its latest selection of appetizers and sushi platters. The appetizer selection at the barbecue and grill restaurant is famous for its chicken wings and BBQ beef rolls, for sure, but it now diversifies customers’ choices with the addition of Kasbah Quackers, Rumaki, Texas Nuggets, and Beef Cigars. The delicious Kasbah Quackers, chicken nuggets in a duck sauce batter, is a definite must-try, and so are the Beef Cigars, which is spiced beef rolled in puff pastry and baked until golden. The Rumaki is another customer favorite, and it is chicken breast and red onions rolled in pastrami and grilled in the Kasbah restaurant’s special BBQ sauce.

For those who simply love sushi and can’t get enough of it, the Kasbah restaurant doesn’t disappoint, either. The restaurant now offers even more sushi platters which are perfect for larger groups. One particularly great combination is the Sushi Nigiri platter, with two pieces of tuna nigiri, two pieces of Yellowtail nigiri, two pieces of salmon nigiri, and one spicy tuna roll. Another option is the Spicy combo sushi platter, with one spicy salmon roll, a spicy tuna roll, and a spicy yellowtail roll.

About the restaurant:

The Kasbah BBQ & Grill is the place to be for those looking for superior quality food and Kosher dishes as well as a diverse, delicious menu which includes everything from sushi rolls and platters to steaks, ribs, salads, grilled meats, and a lot more. To get further details on one of the best Kosher restaurants Manhattan offers, visit the Kasbah BBQ & Grill website.

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