EOS-based BeFull Community engages with 200,000 members in China, South Korea and South East Asia through their roadshows

March 26 05:47 2019
BeFull Community engages with their 200,000 members in China, South Korea and South East Asia. During this roadshow, BeFull will promote their blockchain management philosophies and EOS-based tokens.

BeFull Community engages with their 200,000 members in China, South Korea and South East Asia. During this roadshow, BeFull will promote their blockchain management philosophies and EOS-based tokens. They started their regional roadshow to promote their community and educate more users about blockchain technologies. They did very well for their roadshow in Guangzhou and Shanghai, with an average of 8,000 online and offline supporter listening to their updates.

Vincent Cheung, Founder of BeFull Community speaks at BeFull Guangzhou roadshow

BeFull means “Be Full”, they want their users to be full of confidence, courage and strength. Vincent Cheung, Founder of BeFull Community wants his blockchain community to be fully contented with what they have in life and make new friends, learn new skills. BeFull’s Chinese name is Bi Fu, which directly translates into “coin support”. Vincent wants his members to learn new skills to support themselves and gain financial independence in time to come.

The community has many followers, at its peak, they have around 300,000 members but the executive team has put forth very strict rules for them in order to stay within the BeFull Family. Members have to go through proper BeFull Examinations, participate in a few activities too before allowing them to join. Since then, BeFull has removed many of these supporters and keeping it around 200,000 since.

“We only want real members and supporters in our community! We do not need clones who just want to get free tokens from us. This must be in place so to create a healthy ecosystem for all our members,” said the Community Chief at BeFull Community.

The region roadshows are very important; it reinforces the true BeFull spirit to the communities, giving the community a chance to meet the executive team face to face. They also did a recap of what is blockchain technology so to remind why the members joined them in the beginning. Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency, it is a technological foundation and a new perspective of conducting transactions, securing networks, and recording the validity and origin of data. Blockchain will allow a new perspective on how humans interact to society’s challenges. BeFull believes that they are the bridge for Blockchain implementation and adoption. They continue to spread key messages to members so that more will know the real meaning behind this new technology.

Chris Chung, CEO of EVO Capital explains the importance of blockchain community at BeFull Guangzhou Roadshow

BeFull’s success is not just overnight. In the past six months, they have cooperated with more than 10 blockchain projects, bringing over 500,000 new users and more than 10 million of traffic to the projects. The community members also are rewarded with about RMB 5 million worth of tokens and credit points as part of their participation. The community promotes equality and believes that everyone is equal. Members right now are earning credit points by doing community tasks on the WeChat groups. With the high demand and after much consideration, the BeFull executive committee has decided that launching their own EOS-based token is the way to move forward. This will help connect all aspects of their ecosystem together.

When interviewing their technical Chief on why they have chosen EOS, the team believes that EOS is one of the most powerful infrastructures for building decentralized applications (DApps). Community members have contributed substantial growth to the EOS ecosystem worldwide. This matches to BeFull’s beliefs that community and technology are the key growth factors for blockchain implementations.

With the strong credentials recorded and adopting EOS as their protocol, there is no doubt that BeFull will be one of the leading EOS-based community in this region. BeFull will continue their series of roadshows in the region, speaking to existing members and bringing in new members to participate in this EOS-based community. Vincent Cheung and his team will be in Beijing, Seoul and Singapore in the coming weeks.

To find out more about the events, please head to www.befullc.com

About BeFull Community (http://www.befullc.com/)

BeFull Community, the first self governed large scale community in China. The community shares resources, educate members, create trust between members and projects and promote real usage of the tokens.

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