55 Global Markets Announced Support of Forex Trading

January 09 12:57 2019

55 Global Markets is the world’s first asset trading platform designed to allow a seamless and efficient flow of high-quality assets around the world. 55 Global Markets aims to build a globally connected, continuous, transparent, low-friction, non-discriminatory asset trading network using blockchain technology and tokens as transaction vehicles. 55 Global Markets is not limited to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The ultimate goal is to use tokenization to bridge traditional liquidity markets to support the trading of a wider array of assets. Recently, 55 announced that it supported trading of tokenized fiat (Forex Token) and its roadmap to launch forex derivative soon.

For Forex traders, high leverage trading is the norm and overnight interest often a hefty cost, especially when they are unable to trade after hours. At the same time, each country has stricter controls on foreign exchange. In cooperation with its partner Mercurity, 55 Global Markets tokenized fiat currency for trading on 55.com or efficient redemption as investors chose. The efficient and free flow eliminates overnight interest while achieving global & 24/7 trading.

55 Global Markets, in cooperation with its partner Mercurity (The World’s First Blockchain-Based, Verifiable Asset Tokenization Network), presented a tokenization gateway for mainstream fiat currencies. Investors can convert mainstream currencies (such as US dollar, Chinese yuan, British pound, Japanese yen, Korean won or Australian dollar) into corresponding fiat currency tokens, thus enabling the purchase of various types of tokenized fiat currencies provided by 55 Global Markets. Investors can also redeem the fiat currency token they hold against the corresponding fiat currency. Mercurity’s global fund flow network supports efficient redemption.

The cryptocurrency market of South Korea is relatively matured with experienced investors. 55 Global Markets got well prepared, not only in the security and legal aspect, but also firstly released the world’s first KRW-backed stable coin KRWD. According to official news, 55 Global Markets has already launched stable coins based on the Euro (EURD) British Pound (GBPD) and Japanese Yen (JPYD).

More than that, after 30 days’ data tracking, research and analysis, the Wall Street elite team from 55 Global Markets opened GUSD, TUSD, USDC, USDT to USDD trading pairs, allowing holders of these stable currencies to quickly and conveniently convert their stable currency into USDD, and obtain stable currency interest by holding it. At the same time, USDD can also assist users in the 55 Global Markets foreign exchange trading section, replacing other currencies.

About USDD

The world’s first dollar-backed and interest-bearing stable coin, with interest payments every 24 hours, will be officially released on October 31st by 55 Global Markets. The USDD value is 100% supported by a US dollar reserve, funds are held in trust for the benefit of tokenholders by PrimeTrust (www.primetrust.com) as trustee, a third-party trust company that has relationships with major US banks. Cohen & Company (www.cohencpa.com), a third-party independent accounting firm will conduct monthly examinations of management’s Trust Holdings Report in accordance with Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. USDD supports highly efficient purchases and redemptions based on the 55 OTC market and Mercurity infrastructure.

As of the third quarter of 2018, the size of the cryptocurrency market was $150 billion U.S Dollars. At the same time, the foreign exchange market was about $96 trillion. In cooperation with its partner Mercurity, 55 Global Markets forex trading section includes not only the cryptocurrency/stabilized currency market ($150 billion U.S Dollars), but also the global forex market ($96 trillion U.S Dollars). Therefore, according to 55 Global Markets, the 55 Forex market is a driving force for the circulation of assets on a global scale.


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